Musical Academy Alta Valdera
It is easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key and the instrument will play by itself (J.S. Bach).

The Musical Academy Alta Valdera, founded by the Municipality of Peccioli, directed by maestro Simone Valeri and managed by the Foundation Peccioliper, was born in 2007 to respond to the growing demand in the territory for a structure capable of providing a correct education and training to achieve a high level of professionalism in the music sphere.

The School aims to diffuse and enhance music as a fundamental and essential part of culture, as a factor of individual and social growth, as a stimulus to intelligence and creativity. The courses of the Academy aim at a basic musical education, at the same time they aim to set up an open, mature musician mentality that is inclined to share experiences through concerts and recitals, also in collaboration with other Art Institutes and Music Conservatories. In addition to traditional courses, the Academy proposes group preparatory workshops from 3 to 6 years where children are approached to the world of music in a playful and anti-educational way, actively participating in the construction of the repertoire according to their musical skills, in a work of rhythmic and melodic combination that aims at the maturation of the individual through respect and the need of the other.

In 2019 the music school of the Peccioli Philharmonic Society "Il Pentagramma" joins the Alta Valdera Music Academy.

The fusion between the schools is based on the push and agreement between the two institutions to satisfy a growing cultural demand in the Valdera area through high-level training courses. The advantages are countless, first and foremost that of strengthening the interaction between the two Pecciolese institutions.

M° Simone Valeri [bio]

Opera Singing Teacher:
M° Rossana Bertini [bio]

Modern/Jazz Singing Teacher:
M° Aurora Pacchi [bio]

Rhythmic Theory and Music Perception:
M° Andrea Lucchesi [bio]

Piano Teacher and Music Propedeutics:
M° Silvia Mannari [bio]
M° Francesca Cenderelli [bio]
M° Francesca Rizzo [bio]
M° Gabriele Piva [bio]

Classic and Modern Guitar Teacher:
M° Andrea Barsali [bio]

Violin Teacher:
M° Nicola Dalle Luche [bio]

Piano Accompanist of the Opera Singing Class:
M° Andrea Tobia [bio]

Music Therapy:
M° Aurora Pacchi [bio]

Battery Teacher:
M° Filippo Buselli [bio]

Professor of Brass:

M° Massimiliano Niotta [bio]

Clarinet Teacher:
M° Giulia Pochini [bio]

Teacher of Saxophone:

M° Alberto Baroni [bio]

Main Subjects: Opera Singing, Classical Guitar, Modern Guitar, Double Bass, Accordion, Organ and Organ Composition, Piano, Viola, Violin, Cello.

Subsidiary Subjects: Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue, Subsidiary Piano, History of Music, Rhythm Theory and Music Perception.

Music Propedeutics (info)
roup Preparatory Workshops (3 - 6 years) (info)

Chorus Exercises

Chorus of Children (info)

Visits and Workshops for School Groups

Awards and Recognitions (info)


Open to the public

From Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm


Musical Academy Alta Valdera
Spazi per l’Arte Fonte Mazzola
Via della Costia 1
56037 Peccioli (PI)
Tel. +39 0587 672158
Cell +39 3382963108

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  • Piazza del Popolo 10 - Peccioli
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