The Foundation

The Foundation Peccioliper is not only a governance tool but also a project that considers culture and landscape as indispensable investments for the development, where introducing more culture into the economy means increasing its growth potentials.

Founded in 2004 by the will of the Municipality of Peccioli and Belvedere S.p.A., it responds to an overall vision that puts the values of safeguarding and enhancing the territory, its history, culture and identity system in first place.

Over the years the Foundation has articulated its vocation as a place of promotion of art and culture through the management and promotion of the Peccioli Museum Complex, the creation and realization of museum activities and exhibitions, in permanent or temporary form; literary, musical and theatrical events; socialization events, such as conferences, studies, researches, training courses, educational and tourist in-depth analysis, and through the creation of publications and multimedia products with an artistic and cultural content. Over the years great energy and resources have been invested in the education and training of young people: the purpose is to become a reference point for the education in reading and the knowledge of art.

The program of events that aims to increase the cultural offer of the territory is managed autonomously or in collaboration with public and private bodies and institutions - both national and international - whose programs and projects pursue aims consistent with ours.

Our aspiration is to become an example of how culture, art, politics and entrepreneurship can create synergistic ties for the enhancement of a territory far from large centres and tourist flows, becoming a model of good living.


From Monday to Friday
from 9 to 13 and from 15 to 17

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  • Piazza del Popolo 10 - Peccioli
  • 0587 672158